React Help Desk: Free open-source live chat assistant for your website

React Help Desk is an open source live chat application that comes with an administrative control panel that lets you manage multiple chats. The control panel written with React, Node.js, and web sockets.

React Help Desk offers a real-time support system with a simple interface which allows you to communicate with many clients at the same time.

Created by Jason Gallagher, a web developer with 20 years of experience, who created it for his personal use and currently using it at his website.

You can easily embed React Help Desk in any website or web app with a lightweight code. If you are online, your visitors or customers can communicate with you directly, if you set the Live chat status offline, then this fancy help will take a message like a virtual assistant.

React Help Desk 


  1. Real time
  2. React/Redux client
  3. Node/Express server
  4. Multiple chats support
  5. Current chat
  6. Archived chat and messages
  7. Typing indicators
  8. Notification sounds
  9. Option to send SMS
  10. Batched database
  11. Passport authentication
  12. Support sessions for the admin
  13. Works with MySQL or PostgreSQL
  14. based on Sequeliz (ORM package for Node.js)
  15. can easily be adapted to other SQL databases
  16. Easy to integrate with web apps and websites

Tech stack

It is written in React, Node.JS, and uses WebSocket.


It is licensed under MIT license


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